Stop Sleep Talking: Don’t Let It Spoil Your Life

The lungs are the biggest organ of the whole human body. They have a very important task. Without air, without breath, we would not be able to live. How can we help our lungs to cope with their task? Breathing properly is one of our tasks we have to learn. Most people breathe in a superficial way. Why do they do it?

The pause occurring between breaths is an important part of breathing. This is when the gases are exchanged. When this pause is rushed, you feel rushed and anxious. Continue to lie down on your back with your legs bent gently to take strain away from the lower back. Compare the length of your inhalation to your exhalation and the quality of the pause in between.

If you don’t breathe properly, you’ll never get faster. Your body’s muscles require oxygen if you want them to function at their maximum potential. To breathe properly during sprinting, you should breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to breathe as deeply as you’re able to in order to flood your body and muscles with clean oxygen. The more you feed your muscles, the better they’ll perform for you. And that’s why proper breathing is probably the most effective tip you can incorporate into your speed training regimen.

9) Your breathing is best if it is normal and not exaggerated, and done through the nose for both your in and out breath. It is quite normal for your breath to shallow out during your practice.

Prayer or Meditation: If you’re a believer you can pray if you are not at least take time to clear your mind and How to be mindful. (On clearing your mind) A short prayer for God to guide you and give you the right words can’t ever hurt. God has promised to give believers words even when they are under a heavy persecution; Mt 10:19. Why wouldn’t he also help when there isn’t any persecution? He would. Obviously you must do this before you speak. If you don’t pray before you speak you might find yourself praying in the middle of your presentation for God to get you out of it as quickly as possible. Do not overlook this little gem because although it seems unimportant, it can actually be what makes or breaks your performance or presentation.

Hanging upside down is a great way to enjoy incredible results. You can try hanging upside down for about 10 minutes. It will not just stretch the legs but even the back. When the vertebrae separate the small amount, the body fills the region with more of bone that in turn lengthens the spine. It is recommended that you never hang for over 20 minutes or so in one go.

It is not often that your brain is in the present moment. Your mind wanders: in the past, in the future, in other dreams or fantasies but very rarely stays in the present moment. There are reasons for which this occurs. There are parts of the brain which are constantly activated by habit or because there’s a memory that is more or less stressful or emotional. The strength of this activation in the brain is such that we tend to repeat the thought or the memory. And because of this repetition, these pathways in the brain are activated and the thoughts related to these pathways keep intruding. They keep intruding over, and over, and over again, until you stop nurturing them by not thinking them.

The Ace of Clubs relates to a primary way of acting in the world, of waving your magic wand. It is helpful in this case to recall an incident or event when you felt powerful. Examples could be that you feel powerful when you are able to help someone else in their time of need. Or perhaps you feel powerful when you are performing a creative act using a specific tool, be it a computer, paintbrush, or knitting needle. Everybody has their own personal Ace of Clubs in the hole that they can rely on.

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