Sell Your Business Your Way – A Book Review

You have assets that you can sell, but I’m here to tell you that you aren’t selling or buying “hard assets”. Heck, you can buy equipment anywhere, anytime. You’re really selling or buying “soft assets”; your ability to build a team, sell, market, satisfy, create relationships, forge loyalties, make a profit and grow the business.

Amuse this old geezer whilst I delve a little further into the reality of Business brokers onlineage. With the world at our fingertips via the Internet you can get just about any information you want in a matter of seconds. Even buyers for your business listed for sale. It used to be, before the Internet was available, you needed a professional Business brokers in bangkok online to market your business and find you buyers. Who else could have found them? Not any more. So you might ask yourself what would a professional business brokers onlineage firm do for you now? Good question.

Get a business valuation. Although, you might have an idea about the value of the Business brokers online, you will not have a feel for what buyers are paying for businesses like yours. Getting a third-party valuation will aid you in establishing a fair market price and getting your business sold. Sadly, the reason most businesses do not sell, is because they are overpriced.

The sales process takes time. If your business has been on the market for an extended length of time you may be apt to go with the first buyer that makes you an offer and you may have to go with it depending on your situation. However, it is best to have several potential buyers in line to get the best price.

If things are less than a million dollars, maybe it’s more like 12 percent. And then if it’s less than $100,000 you’re going to have some sort of minimum fee.

Achieve the highest price through Buyer competition. Since this can be tricky, you are wise to let your broker, as a third party, create a competitive situation with buyers, to position you for the best transaction value.

You must have experience in the industry and you need to take over 60 credit hours worth of course work. You have to pass a test and it’s not cheap either.

This will solve all problems that could crop up later. So, are there any drawbacks in business brokers one should keep in mind? That depends on case to case. You should certainly run a background check on the broker you intend to hire.

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