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We have heard it for months and years: television is being switched over from analog signals to digital. As a result there will be clearer signals for people still using aerial antennas, but with an all-or-nothing signal. The government has spent tons of money on coupons and public information trying to make sure everyone is ready for the change. They even postponed the date to make sure that no one is deprived of their precious boob tube.

Some stats can be hard to find because they are hidden because people don’t want true demographics found. It does not take much though to drive through these areas with your doors locked to see I speak the truth.

Not only should your chicken HOUSING PLANS provide room for your chickens, it should provide space for you to perform maintenance, feeding, and egg collection. Your chicken coop will need to be cleaned periodically; therefore you will need to access the structure comfortably. You will need room to feed the birds and clean out their nesting boxes. The floors may get muddy so you will need to be able to clean that area.

How do you make the transition from inner city to rural life? It wasn’t too hard for me. I grew up in the country, and although I spent 20 years or so living elsewhere, I am still a country girl at heart. The inconvenience of not being able to easily walk to a store or library, is greatly overcome by the peace of our woods, the beautiful view from every door and window, and not having to share our property with others.

Lotus Boulevard – Lotus Boulevard is an offering in Sector 100 of Noida from The 3C Company. This project boasts of being the largest “green” plano de vivienda in India. It aims to provide a lot of open space, air and lighting in its apartments. Other eco friendly methodologies like rain water harvesting, energy saving lights etc. are part of the eco system here. All the modern amenities are also provided for maximum comfort. The basic price per sqft for Lotus Boulevard is Rs 2825 that puts price of the 2 BHK (1075 sqft super built up area) at about 30 Lacs.

So my first thought would be, what does their website look like? It doesn’t have to look like it was put together by some giant international organization, but if looks reasonably good and functions properly, they clearly pay attention to detail. If they don’t care about their own website, how will you know they spend time on their coop plans?

Currently Mr. Dubie has a solid team working on his behalf. With his long-time friend and manager, Keemo Martin leaving, Jack Rankin has stepped in to see that Mr. Dubie continues on his path to success. Mr. Dubie will be touring and promoting his latest CD and hit singles in the coming year.

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