How To Work From Home And Stay Productive

There’s nothing cooler than a designer aluminum laptop carrying case. The only problem is that when you have serious work to do, you need something bigger. Does that mean you have to go out and buy a big ugly briefcase, though? No. All you need is a large aluminum briefcase. They are as cool looking as the others, but do a whole lot more.

Having worked online for a very long time, I can tell you the freedom to work when you want to is by far the best aspect of the Internet. Here is the proof. As I am writing this article, it is 1:13 p.m. I am at home. I am wearing sweats. After being up all night on a project, I am thinking about going back to bed. This is all possible because I have an online business. In fact, our business is so virtual oriented that I have never physically met some of my programmers. They live in other countries! Sounds like a good excuse to travel, however.

Your best virtual office business address is another issue. Naturally you can make use of your home address, a P.O. Box or a rented address but it is without doubt one of the down sides of working from home.

Don’t think about the exit. As soon as you bring in investors, they force you to plan for an exit (merger or sale) in three to five years. It’s critical to them, since that’s the only way they can realize a return on investment, but it limits your options for growth and change.

Before bringing in clients you may want to check with a CPA about how to do billing. Some online services such as PayPal give you the ability to invoice people over email and accept payments via credit card and check. With such options so easily available, getting paid should not be difficult. You can even set up reoccurring payments with clients through many of these services. That allows you to automatically collect a monthly retainer if that’s part of your business strategy as a Virtual Office assistant.

This is where we found our first success. We started by selling some personal items and moved up to selling things we would find at garage sales. We were making money and she was enjoying it. Then we decided to look for a product we could sell.

Sound interesting? If you are serious about expanding the reach of your company, it probably does. Al that is left is for you to find a provider and get started. You could start reaching out to new customers like never before in just minutes. Get started and may your company thrive in your new markets.

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