Diy Solar Panels To Get Off The Grid

This article will give our readers an idea of what is needed to build a vehicle that utilizes solar panels, a DC to AC power inverter and a battery bank to enable the use of 120 volt appliances and tools while mobile and away from any power. Our system is mounted on a four wheel drive Chevrolet pickup with a utility commercial shell.

Once we have all this power stored in our battery bank we need to convert it to usable ac power. This is accomplished by our 2500 watt inverter. The battery bank and the inverter are connected by very large gauge welding cables. An inverter takes the 12 volt dc power from the battery bank and changes it to 120 volts of ac power so that we can use household appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves for use in our travel trailer and most importantly on our service truck, for all our power tools.

Well, what I found out is that it isn’t quite possible to do just yet. Why? Because the cost of the panels, property, labor etc.. wasn’t low enough to make a profit for what you can sell the energy for. The solar farm was more than likely subsidized by the government. So I looked into the possibility of using them on homes. This thought has been around for decades and you do see the panels on more homes than you used to so I was wondering if this was possible now. I found out that it just takes too long for the average consumer to get their investment back to consider putting autoconsumo solar on their homes.

Earth 4 Energy system can help you generate a lot of electricity and cut your electric bill significantly. It is also very eco-friendly because self-consumption it does not produce harmful substance.

Determine the best location where you want to install the panels. Consider the amount of sunlight the area will receive. The panels should be in an area that receives the most amount of sunlight at daytime.

The specific tools for cell installation are called mounts. These can be categorized in three types. The first type is the pole mount and it has rail units and racks of metal. The second type is the roof-ground mount and it is good for bigger arrays. The third type is the flush mount and it has the lowest price.

Stop using plastic bags. When you go to the grocery store, use a cloth bag or take some empty cardboard boxes with you. Many stores, like Walmart, have bins for plastic. If you have any at home, take them there and leave them in their bins. If you use them for trash, try going to recycled paper bags. You have to keep wet items from these bags. Wet coffee grounds can be used for compost as can other wet items. Think in terms of trying to recycled all plastics, including bags.

Bottom line: I think my investment in solar panels was very worth it. And I still get the non-financial pleasure of watching my electric meter spin backwards at certain times of the year.

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