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The answer is YES! Once you hire an employee it is critical to make sure you have an employee contract put together for them to sign. Some people have the misconception, oh, she is a friend I don’t need her to sign anything…wrong!! You never know what will happen in business, and when money is involved people tend to change.

Is it salary? Distance from home? staff benefits? Advancement opportunities? Believe it or not, we think about these things when we apply for positions and seek opportunities. Actually, none of these things make a “good” job.

Likewise, you should not get too cute with the paper and fonts. The best fonts will always be Arial and Times New Roman. And nothing about the paper should detract from the message – that message is how the employer benefits from meeting with you.

This is a tough call for any business owner. Too many employees and you have people sitting around and doing nothing. This may be great for customer service, but tough on the overhead. Too few employees can cause problems in meeting demands such as service, deadlines, and deliveries. The solution may be to start with a few employees as needed and cross-train them in other jobs.

Traditional education takes many years to finish and several thousands of dollars to attend. But after all the hard work and struggles, many graduates end up in a job they hate.

I know that we all get busy sometimes and forget to get up to have breaks, but you are not helping yourself by doing that. Get up, walk around the desk and go get a drink of water. This will get your circulation going as sitting will sometimes make your blood pool in your legs. There are health issues with this (Blood clots more common in middle age workers) and while you are up, do a couple of simple stretches. Stretch your arms in front of you as far as you can, then to the back, remembering to keep the shoulders down. Don’t let them creep up. Stand with your legs at hip width and do gently twists from one side to the other, keeping your hips facing the front.

Be yourself. Act your age, show your experience and just be who you are. If you don’t know something, ask questions. If you are proud of an accomplishment, try to bring it into the conversation. If you are fun-loving by nature…be careful going “too far” in the interview, but find out if the company welcomes that “relaxed” environment. Otherwise, you may hate working there…or end up getting fired!

The best advice is to consult a financial planner at least 5 yrs before retiring if not earlier; especially, if you started late in preparing for retirement.

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