Are There Laws Forbidding Prank Calling?

You should know that yes it is possible to do reverse cell phone lookup but be prepared to do some research with the tools that modern technology provides you. I.e. Internet/Google.

You can also always try placing a prank videos post it on the bottom of someones computer mouse with a personal message April Fools Jokes on you”. When they realize something is wrong, look on the underside, and see your personal message, they will realize how much you truly care. Give them a laugh!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that your average human wouldn’t anticipate that this item would have been invented, let alone find it under the tree on Christmas morning. This amazing device isn’t just a great place to rest your head when you’re lying in bed or on the couch, it’s also a universal remote that can be used to surf channels, control volume and do all the other things that a regular remote control does. Maximize your laziness and comfort with one amazing device! Isn’t technology wonderful?

Even though this information is private, the tools that allow anyone to access this information are available to the general public. Any time you want to search for a number that looks suspicious to you, you can use the website of your choice and find the owner of the number in seconds. It is that easy.

The first of two gold digger prank videos made by the same people. Unbelievable, true, and totally funny. Even better is that it points out a serious flaw in the driver’s license re-issue system for the State of Virginia.

On Sunday, I posted a story temporarily that I was checking into this rumor, then decided to remove it until I had verification from a trusted source.

Some online services charge you a few bucks to find the information for you which they readily have available in their database. They usually keep a listing of all published and some non-published numbers as well. An average Joe might not might not be able to get their hands on this information or simply might not be interested in this, but those with dire need would be willing to pay for this service.

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