A Wedding Photographer You Can Trust On Your Special Day

In the article, “Three Strategies to Attract Ideal Clients: Tell A Story!,” I guided you with three strategies to telling your authentic story. We talked about the importance of telling your stories with heart. We talked about identifying your target client’s pain and frustration when getting in touch with what makes your story compelling. We talked about the importance of being transparent by using video. All these elements create a heart to heart connection.

(6) What are your arrangements if you are unable to make it because of an emergency, or what if I have an emergency and have to cancel last minute? – Professional photographers almost always have a backup or colleague in mind in case they can’t make it, this would have to be an emergency, but crazier things have happened. Make sure you understand the worst case scenario, like I said…crazier things have happened.

After enlisting your friends, it is time to hire the right professionals to help plan your wedding. Of course, first in the list is the wedding planner. You also need to hire a actual day wedding photography and videography singapore, a band for the reception, a chef, venue finders, wedding tailors, and designers. Your first priority above all else is to hire an excellent wedding planner. You can then ask the planner to hire the professionals for you, or give you a list of contacts, so you can decide for yourself. Assemble the best team at the right price. As much as you want to do all the planning, learn to delegate and give them room to work.

Ask suggestions from the photographer: If you have broad frame body, ask him to click the photographs accordingly. Ask him to make you look thin at least. Photographers are expert, ask them about how to stand and pose in front of people. This will help you and him both.

Will you be taking film or digital photos? Why? If digital, what is the resolution at which you’ll set your camera? (Photos at 12 megapixels allow for quality enlargements).

A wedding planner typically has a great sense of fashion and an excellent attention to detail. They will help create a wedding that is tasteful in color, ensuring that the theme of the wedding is reflected in every aspect. From the design on the napkins, to the place settings, the flowers, wedding dress; even the wedding favors, everything should be in sync with each other and it is the job of the wedding planner to ensure that this happens.

If you can get these two aspects planned properly, then your career as a wedding photographer will be bright indeed. And if you are searching for one, these are some points to think about.

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